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Pegasus is your complete partner in the aviation matter.

Pegasus Air Services

The dependable one-stop service to fulfill your needs in all aviation matters.


Pegasus Jet International

Fly everywhere, fly conveniently. We offer you pleasure in every flight with safety as our top priority.


We take you there, to fly better, whenever.

About Us

In this world, on the same skies. Let’s be partnered and fly with Pegasus Air.

We have always offered our passion and expertise in the field of Aviation since 2011 and will continue to evolve. Just like the renowned creature, we share the same value as the winged white horse nature: strong, inspiring, and serving wholeheartedly.

As an advanced AOC 135 certificated company that has already been licensed by Kementerian Perhubungan Republik Indonesia, The Pegasus Group is committed to providing the special needs of every client. Because we know that each one of you is unique and every flight is different.

What remains the same is safety which stays at the top of our priority.

Our Services

Pegasus Air Services

Ensures safety so you can be confident, with exemplary service that makes you convenient, and the best rate to make allefficient

Technical Maintenance

Available with the latest equipment and highly trained staff, Pegasus retains the goal of every aircraft handled to be at its top performance.

Aircraft Charter

With security, privacy, and even luxury, Pegasus supports your needs on any of your specific flights.

Aircraft Management

Pegasus has a higher level of service in managing aircraft ownership to make it thrive in significant efficiencies.


Pegasus Jet International

Private chartering is the perfect solution for busy individuals looking for private and convenient.

Pegasus Jet International takes you anywhere. We offer a variety of flights and routes to destinations around the world, so you can find the perfect flight. Book and discover the difference in Pegasus Jet International.

Fly Everywhere

Take off to new adventures and discover the world with us, Fly Everywhere

Fly Convenient

Fly with peace of mind, knowing you are in safe hands and convenience is our top priority.


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